I'm Aaron Castiglione, an art director and graphic designer in Phoenix, AZ.

I love all things design and strive for thoughtful simplicity in my solutions.

In additional to wearing plaid, I also enjoy playing drums and eating food.

I'm a creative director and art director who likes to wear plaid and solve problems.

What I do

Creative direction Creative direction
Art direction Art direction
Branding Branding
Digital design Digital design
Print design Print design
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From my blog

The personality of type

The personality of type

Posted on Jul 4, 2017

All typefaces have personality. Some are subtle and understated. Some are boisterous and overt. These personalities can be leveraged to reinforce your message and the overall intent of your design. Conversely, using a typeface with a contradicting personality can detract from the message and confuse the audience. Making informed decisions regarding these personalities is critical […]

Developing a color palette

Developing a color palette

Posted on Jan 5, 2017

The color palette is a fundamental component of any design solution. When developing a color palette, consider the overall intent of the piece as different color combinations will yield different emotional responses from your audience. There are several tried and true strategies that can be utilized when combining colors to develop palettes. Use the color […]

User experience design

User experience design

Posted on Jul 3, 2016

User Experience (UX) Design is the design of everything the user sees and does while they are interacting with a product. It’s a practice commonly associated with building websites and apps. It’s crucial to consider the user during any interactive project because a good user experience results in happy users, which is good for business. […]

I am a minimalist by nature, and am drawn to clean, concept-driven design solutions aimed at the end user.



These people said nice things about me

Michela Belluso

Aaron brings a great sense of aesthetics and conceptual depth to every project and can rock a salt & pepper beard like nobody’s business.

- Michela Belluso
Nick Bradshaw

Aaron excels at solving problems and developing ideas through to completion. He combines solid  strategy with creative solutions.

- Nick Bradshaw
Jessica Wong

Aaron is a great designer to collaborate with. He explores different solutions and always seems to make the client happy.

- Jessica Wong