I’m Aaron Castiglione, a creative director and art director in Phoenix, AZ.

I love all things design and strive for thoughtful simplicity in my solutions.

In additional to wearing plaid, I enjoy playing drums and eating food.

I'm a creative director and art director who likes to wear plaid and solve problems.

What I do

Creative direction Creative direction
Art direction Art direction
Branding Branding
Digital design Digital design
Print design Print design
Video Video

From my blog

Emotional advertising makes business sense

Emotional advertising makes business sense

Posted on Oct 28, 2020

“Which one should we move forward with?” As a creative director, I need to be ready to answer that question. Whether it’s an idea for an ad campaign, a headline on a landing page, or a video clip for a commercial, nine times out of 10 the answer is the one that strikes the right […]

Developing a brand identity

Developing a brand identity

Posted on Nov 15, 2019

A brand identity is a system of elements designed to work together to keep your brand focused and clear. When done right, it provides consistency and purpose to your marketing. Without it, you run the risk of appearing fragmented, or worse, being irrelevant. Developing a solid brand identity is a great way to connect with […]

Divergent and convergent thinking

Divergent and convergent thinking

Posted on Feb 28, 2019

Creative concepting is often unpredictable, chaotic and can be hard to explain. But at its highest level, the entire process can be broken into two phases: divergent thinking (which is all about creating choices) and convergent thinking (which is all about making choices). The ability to do both at a high level will help ensure […]

I am a minimalist by nature, and am drawn to clean, concept-driven design solutions aimed at the end user.



These people said nice things about me

Michela Belluso

Aaron brings a great sense of aesthetics and conceptual depth to every project and can rock a salt & pepper beard like nobody’s business.

- Michela Belluso
Nick Bradshaw

Aaron excels at solving problems and developing ideas through to completion. He combines solid  strategy with creative solutions.

- Nick Bradshaw
Jessica Wong

Aaron is a great designer to collaborate with. He explores different solutions and always seems to make the client happy.

- Jessica Wong