I’m Aaron Castiglione, a creative director and art director in Phoenix, AZ.

I love all things design and strive for thoughtful simplicity in my solutions.

In additional to wearing plaid, I enjoy playing drums and eating food.

Desert Schools Credit Union was changing their name to Desert Financial Credit Union. This was a big shift, particularly because Desert Schools had been serving Arizona since 1939. They needed a high-impact way of announcing it.

Since the name change took place at the beginning of the year, we figured what better place to make a splash than the Super Bowl? And because they were taking “Schools” out, we decided to create a Super Bowl spot with Alice Cooper.

This highly successful campaign created a whopping 2,336,350 impressions and 225,000 views on YouTube with a 40% view-through rate. Desert Financial received a 90% positive response on social media and new accounts increased 16.4% from the previous quarter.

My role: Creative director

Creative efforts included: Video